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The 6-R-Rights of the (international) logistics

The word logistics is coming from the old-greece and means “practical computational art”. The freight logistics is dealing mainly with the organization and optimazion of processes with regards to the freight circulation. Especially the transmitting of internal and external information is very important. Here is starting the Six-R-Right, which is describing the main goals of the internal and external operation and national and international logistics.

The Six-R-Rights of Logistics:

  • the right product
  • the right amount
  • at the right time
  • at the right place
  • the right quality and
  • for the right costs

International logistics at the transport organization Tirolia!

The planning, organization, control, transaction and control of the freight circulation is a huge challenge for each organization. We would like to take a part of your work and integrate your shipping merchandise in our international logistical network, which is already tested since a long time.

The Tirolia Spedition is one of the leading transport organization and has already a good name in the concepts “austrian logistics” and “international logistics”. For an efficient utilization from supply chains you need good information about the resources and journeys of the transporters. Because of a very well enterprise-, customer- and supplier atmosphere and the flexible logistics network at Tirolia Spedition, our Speedition transports are a special service.

International logistics advice at the transport organization Tirolia!

The particular challenge for a transport organization like the Tirolia Spedition, is the planning with regards to the general driving bans, the legal bank holidays and other temporal restrictions. Here it is not only necessary to respect the wishes from the customers, but as well the legal regulations, as this has to be included as well in calculations of time and costs.

The processing of transport documents, with regards to special requirements in different countries when crossing borders for example, or the protection, supply and control of the transport cargo while it is stored in between, are counting to the daily challenges of our logistician. As well the heavy and ADR transports have to be marked, transported and stored especially. These all are important facts for a smooth conclusion of your transports. We would like to inform and advice you in all of these special logistical challenges.

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