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Tirolia, the forwarding company in Austria

The forwarding company in Tyrol

Time is money. And people are the capital. These economic basics are more relevant today than ever before for your forwarding company in Austria. Because Tirolia Spedition, with its multilingual, internationally oriented and highly qualified contact partners, will take care of your optimal route planning in all transport matters. Speedy & safe! We are transport companies. Regardless of whether you are looking for a means of transport or need assistance with planning the route for your goods from our team, we have the solution.

  • The Tirolia Speedition stands for transport planning and freight services.
  • The Tirolia Speedition guarantees quality, safety and durability.
  • The Tirolia Speedition offers personal support.
  • The Tirolia Speedition is fair, cool, goal-oriented and trendy.
  • The Tirolia Speedition has handshake quality.
  • The Tirolia Speedition stands for humanity.
  • The Tirolia Speedition stands for fast, unique solutions for everything to do with the transport industry.

Your forwarding agency in Austria.

Fast. Reliable. Straightforward.

As a forwarding service provider in a landlocked country like Austria, Tirolia specializes primarily in process optimization in the trucking business. The transport of raw materials such as wood and steel, industrial goods such as chemicals and machines, food and many other transport goods by road is our daily business. As a committed and modern transport company from Austria, our area of ​​operation extends to many countries within the EU and across the entire European-Asian continent.

Our most important concern is the satisfaction and success of our children. The prerequisite for this is an efficient and smooth processing of our orders. So that we can guarantee long-term top quality as well as a company orientation that is always one step ahead, our forwarding agency in Tyrol is always based on international benchmarks and standards. Employees of different nationalities and languages, an ambitious online orientation for many years and a pioneering spirit that has established itself as a fixed guiding principle since the company was founded are our success factors.

With the headquarters of our forwarding company in Ebbs in Tyrol, we are on one of the main Austrian and European transport routes in the middle of the transport scene and directly linked to the most important transport routes.

What makes Tirolia Spedition a Speedition!

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Your forwarding agency in Austria with an international focus.
The Tirolia Speedition in the middle of Tyrol.

As a broker in the transport industry and an intermediary between freighters and transport needs, we know that it is an eternal game: Because it is always about supply and demand. The more precisely what is necessary can be coordinated and reconciled with what is possible, the greater the chances of success. We at Tirolia are your success factor in terms of flexibility in route and transport planning.

Exactly, precisely in terms of quantity, as required.
And that at the lowest possible prices.
This is our offer.

Because we provide you with different transport options that are perfectly tailored to your requirements at a click, at fair prices, quickly and easily.

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