Full Customer Protection

Your customers will remain!

We do not approve of being unfaithful! Honesty, loyalty and reliability are our most important principles. We guarantee you that we will not snatch away your customers because we attach great importance to the saw: "What is yours will remain yours and what is mine will remain mine". And your customers will always remain your customers.

It is a matter of honour – and of trust!

Have you ever experienced a supposedly reputable transport company betraying you by snatching away your customer?

Assuming this happened, how would you feel? You would surely be disappointed, angry and upset – about the business losses as well as about the abuse of confidence. And, as we think, you would have every right to feel that way. This is why we guarantee full customer protection – to ensure that your customers remain your customers and that you continue to be our partner. Honesty and loyalty are our concept of customer protection.

And we are convinced that this concept pays off: for you, for us and for every project we will realise together in the future. In brief: we think that honesty is the best policy and that customer protection is a matter of honour.

Tirolia team

PS: It is really not the nice way to pinch a friend’s girlfriend. This is why we guarantee you that your customers will remain your customers. Now and in the future.

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